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A few Pros & Cons

I’ll start with the negatives as I always like to end on a high note! With so many plusses, there are a few minuses.

Downsides of living tiny

  • The pets seem to be everywhere
  • Flipping the breaker daily
  • Emptying the tanks

Before living in an RV the cat was never allowed on a table or counter. Now in our tiny space, I gave up and let her sit on the table so she could have a nice view outside. She loves it, and well… I kinda regret it, because now I’m constantly wiping off the table, I can’t stand the stray black hairs on the white table. Oh well. She doesn’t have a lot of space to roam, so giving her that space feels right.

The dog, well Shelby isn’t that intuitive, so she always seems to be standing in the way! There isn’t much room to get to one end to the other. Silly pup.

Appliances is one thing I juggle every meal time. There is a limited amount of items I can have on drawing electricity in our rig before the breaker will trip and shut us all down. It’s frustrating when I have to turn off my electric fireplace to make some toast or make sure the microwave and the toaster-oven arent going at the same time. It’s just finding a balance of what works and what doesn’t.

And of course, there’s the poop. { HA } Having to go empty the tanks (every third day for us) isn’t my idea of a good time. The actual task at our home base isn’t bad, its just pulling a lever and flipping a switch, but being out when the weather is icky… not so fun.


Isn’t it just so cozy? I love the light fun colors. I may change it up this summer and go with a nice soft white, but for now I’m enjoying the “fun-ness” of it!

Now for the positives! For me, these are the best parts!

What I LOVE about TINY living as a single mom (and of course this applies to anyone, it’s just where I’m at ya know?) =)

  • Clean up
  • Connection
  • Light & Bright atmosphere

Cleaning up is so very quick in comparison to the two-story 1,500 square foot house we were living in before the RV. Three bedrooms, two and a half baths that all needed my attention. It was my full-time job keeping the house and caring for the kids before my divorce. And even then I was usually in a state of overwhelm, rarely ever able to sit and just relax, home was a place I wanted to get away from to relax.

Now Clean up takes me 30-40 minutes to do it all from my room, living room, kitchen, and Andrew picking up his space. And he is much more willing to help me pick up because it’s a quick job, and not such a big deal! WIN-WIN

It used to take me that 30 minutes just to clean off the kitchen island to make dinner! (I could never keep that space clean, so good thing I don’t have much counter space to clutter up now! HA)

The connection I have with my son now is much better than it was in our big house where we each had our own room to hide away in. Both my kids spent a lot of time in their rooms on electronics. Sowed away – removing themselves from a connection. And I get it, I was overwhelmed and grumpy anyway! I didn’t want to be with me!

But now, we are in the same space, he has time where he retreats into his virtual space of gaming, but we take time to engage daily, which we didn’t do before. And because I’m not spending so much time on housework or yard work, I can relax and just be with him!

The windows in our tiny space make it so nice and bright. We have robins egg blue on the walls and bright polka-dotted curtains that just make this such a happy space. I love sitting at my desk (aka the dining table) that looks right out of a big window. And when we’re at hour home base in Washington, it looks out to a beautiful apple orchard, which has amazing sunsets!

And if you would like to take a little video tour, head on over HERE!


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