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First let me start with saying, I’m not a doctor. Please don’t take my thoughts as medical advice.

Dealing with Anxiety and PTSD along with the extra stress of becoming a single mom is just part of my story over the last four years. We have come through a lot, and still deal with some of the aftershocks.

My purpose here is to just share my ideas and what has helped me along my journey. And hopefully encourage you, that even if you too struggle from anxiety, Fulltime RV living and travel can still happen for you!

May you find encouragement and inspiration here.

As I got closer to being ready to launch (or leave home) in our RV, the more anxiety I had. I was shaking physically, couldn’t sleep, major stomach troubles, metallic mouth, couldn’t think, it was really hard to function. Some days I just had to give in to my body and took a long nap or distract myself with TV just to calm down again, or let myself just take the day off.

I know there are varying degrees of anxiety too, I can only share from my own experiences.

Change is not easy, I’m usually a roll with the punches kind of gal, but living in an RV being away from the safety of home took me to a whole-nuther level of fear and panic.

There is SO much to learn about every little system, and I wanted to make everything perfect! I didn’t want to have troubles and have my son feel like it was all a big mistake.



How to Minimize Anxiety:

  • Essential oils – Doterra In Tune, Lavender and most recently Copaiba softgels and Copaiba oil in the diffuser. I feel noticeably calmer after taking Copaiba when I’m feeling extra anxious. I take it before bedtime, to help me ease into sleep easier.
  • EFT or Tapping – you can find samples on YouTube and I found an app, TappingSolutions which has some free guides that are really good for going to sleep, or just general calming. I found this to be really helpful.
  • Journaling – it seems simple, but getting some of the thoughts down on paper, releasing them sometimes helps. My thoughts can feel less overwhelming if I’m able to focus on a couple on paper. And I can see the fears for what they really are, mostly little things that I have blown up to be huge and overshadow everything else that is good in the moment!
  • If you like having an app that can help you access ideas to cope, check out this web page it’s full of helpful Apps! I didn’t know some of these existed! Wow
  • Of course, professional help is always a good idea too if you haven’t launched yet (and I’ve even heard of online counseling resources). My son and I have both spent some time separately with a counselor to help us along our healing journey. It was what we needed at the time, and I’m so thankful it was available to us through our state insurance.
  • Take time to FaceTime your family and friends. Phone calls are great but actually seeing their faces is a great way to feel closer. I got to FaceTime my daughter Cherie who is living back in Wa, doing her thing! It really was healing for me to see her and chat. I cried, leaving my baby is so hard.
  • Join a group! I’m in multiple Facebook groups and have found an RV community on Instagram. Fulltime Families will be mentioned in my blog many times I’m sure. I’m all about community, and want to make sure my son and I make new friends!
  • Expect the transition period. We jetted through Washington and Oregon really fast, I was running on fumes by the time we got to Sacramento, CA. Fortunately, we had to wait for a part in Napa, so had to stay a week, when I had only planned two nights. It was so good for me, I didn’t realize how strung out I was until we had a down day and I absolutely crashed. Take it slow, make sure you take time to “recalibrate”.
  • And I almost forgot, I also got a weighted blanket for myself and then one for Andrew too. It’s amazing how much better I sleep with that extra weight on me. I used to pile on blankets until I got too hot. The weighted blanket is a wonderful solution! There are plenty of options on Amazon.

For me it’s been slowing down, putting my to-do list away and simply taking a down day. Even times where I let my son fend for himself with food, or make popcorn for lunch and snuggle in for a movie. It’s ok to listen to your body if you need time to recharge. I’m a much better mom and business owner for it, rather than fighting through.

Again, I’m not a doctor, and I know we all experience stress and anxiety in different ways.

And we all cope with it differently too.

I’m always keeping my eye out for ways to calm and focus myself and my crazy monkey mind.

What do you do to help ease anxiety?

Please share! I would love for this to be a space where we can help each other!

With a calming deep breath,

~ Vicki

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