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My Story

It all began with a thought!

I had met a new family at church that had moved from Texas to Washington. But not just a regular pack your stuff in a big truck move!

They had four adorable kids and had lived in a motorhome for over a year while exploring the US! WHAT?
I was intrigued, excited and amazed!

I had never heard of such a thing, and it sounded awesome! To travel with your family and have a place to stay wherever you go? Sounded impossible though.

THAT was 8 about years ago. I have since become single, am working for myself as a freelance graphic designer

and can work from anywhere as long as I have an internet connection and my laptop! When I finally found my footing after my divorce I began dreaming again, and my dreams included traveling in an RV with my kids! To make those dreams into reality I had a lot of learning to do.

So. Much. Research.

After learning about living in an RV I asked uncle google and found families on YouTube, blogs about different rigs. I learning everything I could and was totally inspired. I have to admit that some of that time was hard because I couldn’t see a clear path to how I was going to make it reality financially. I was pretty low income. I was on and off of government assistance. I don’t like admitting it, but I sure was thankful for it. It helped me get through some really tough times and still keep our home life in tackt for my kids. 

I took my son and a friend to a couple RV shows and many dealerships. Besides learning so much, it helped me stay inspired and keep my dream alive looking at all the rigs. Even though I knew I wanted to buy used (for a few reasons) I wanted to see what kind of floor plan and type of rig I wanted. Class A, class C, trailer, fifth-wheel. There are a LOT of choices out there. ❤️

All in all it’s taken me just over a year to get it all together and we can finally start exploring in January 2019!

It’s a process. Be kind to yourself and take one step, one decision at a time. And know that no matter how long it takes, your still getting closer to your goal!


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