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Hi there, please allow me to introduce you to my crew!

I’m Vicki and I captain this land ship. I’ve been a single mom for about 4 years now. I have two fabulous kids, currently 14 and 19. I’m so proud of who they are, they really are the joy of my life. We have been through a lot, and are coming out on the other side, discovering who we are as individuals and as a family. That’s a big part of this adventure for me “Free to be … ME” =)



My first mate, right-hand lil man, is Andrew. At the time of our launch, he is 14 years old. He is unsure about this adventure for fear of lack of internet connection. He loves time with his virtual friends on X-Box, and isn’t a fan of the camera at this point in his life.

Andrew is an awesome team member and is always ready to jump in and help me set up or tear down. We delegate duties pretty well and I’m so thankful for his helpful spirit. I’m excited to watch him grow as a young man on this adventure. I’m so proud of him, and we are both growing and learning so much already.

Then there is Shelby Pup!
She will be 10 years old this year. As a Labrador Retriever, she loves to play ball, and is really good at it! Throw a tennis ball and she is right on it with the speed and aggression of a puppy. She’s calm and sweet with toddlers to elderly, knows no stranger as long as I’m around. Shelby has her quirks, but she is truly loved.


The littlest one in our crew is Kitty. Such a creative name eh? HAHA the family couldn’t agree on a name, so I just dubbed her Kitty, even though my daughter back home still calls her Peigon! Kitty is a snuggle bug and helps me manage my anxiety. She is getting used to the traveling lifestyle, being in a crate in the car isn’t her favorite, but at least she sleeps while we drive now.

So those are my crew members,
and now let me introduce you to “The Rig”!

My RV is a thirty foot, 2003 Keystone Cougar bunkhouse fifth-wheel. You can take the short video tour HERE>>.

Andrew and I each have our own rooms, with real doors, which was one of my necessities. I didn’t want just a curtain separating us, I wanted more of a home feel. What really sold me on this on was that the previous owners had already taken out the RV furniture and painted a lot of it. (I still want to paint the cabinets this summer) I was able to get some new and used Ikea furniture to make it home. I really enjoy the little space, it has all the function we really need. It is the perfect starter rig for me.

The Truck, the Beast, is a 2013 Sierra Denali 2500 Deisel. Not knowing anything about trucks or hauling, I did a lot of research and asking around before I decided on what truck I wanted. I love this truck and think it will keep us safe and serve us well for a long time.

When I first started driving it, it felt as though I was taking up the ENTIRE lane as I drove, I was so nervous parking it anywhere. It’s sooo much bigger than my old car. I’d say it took me about a week to finally feel comfortable on the road in it, and now, I wouldn’t want to go to a shorter car. I love being tall!! (Although a better turning radius would be awesome!) HA

What kind of rig are you thinking about getting? Rember, there IS NO perfect rig, there is only the one that fits right now with what you can do! Don’t wait on perfection, just get started!

With High Fives and Hugs!

~ Vicki

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