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RV’rs vary greatly in how they choose to travel and connect with home.

Let me tell you about how I tethered myself to Washington!

Options to think about for a home base. In this post, I’m not talking about establishing residency or domicile just a home base. Please don’t confuse “home base” with “domicile” or “residency.” A residency is a place where you simply live for the time being, while a home base or “domicile” means you not only live in that state, but you intend to stay there long-term by taking care of legalities from that state.

You must declare a domicile because the government assumes everyone lives a stationary lifestyle with a fixed address. You can own property and vehicles in other states, but the majority of ties to things like life and medical insurance, taxes and vehicle registration all must be linked to your primary “domicile.” But, I’m not getting into legality at this point.


Let me tell you about how I tethered myself to Washington!


Home base options might be:


  1. Driveway surf in your home town with friends and family
  2. Find a local RV park to park in at “home” for an extended time
  3. Sell everything and not have an attachment to a home base
  4. Buy property on your own or with a family member to have as a home base

Number Four is how I have been able to make RV life a reality. Personally and as a single mom I have a high need for security, so the thought of just leaving everything with no ties felt really scary to me. I thought for a while this was the only way to do it until inspiration hit me late one night.


A friend of mine was selling some property that had a cute lil house, a studio, a barn, and almost two acres. THIS could be a solution! My dad is single, and was looking to move, he could move into the lil house, I’d be in the studio temporarily until I could get an RV, then I would have a built-in home base! OMG YES!


So early the next morning I called my dad and told him I had something for him to think about.

He said he was open to looking at it, and the rest is history! We bought the property together. Which in fact helped us both financially, neither one of us could qualify for a mortgage alone! And I was one step closer to my dream of RV’ing.


It did take 6 months before the bank was willing to look at giving me a loan for a RV. RV’s are “luxury” items so they are extra careful. I don’t have a very big income either, so I just had to be patient.


Alas after a few months of looking, and going back and forth with downpayment and rig price, we came upon a scenario that worked for all of us!


You can learn more about my rig HERE. She’s the perfect lil home for us, not too big, not too small and full of joy.

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