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RV with a cat

From Cat Food to Litter Box

If your dreaming of RV’ing and have pets, don’t despair! You won’t have to leave them behind if you don’t want to. Where there is a will, there is a way. I’ll share with you some of the solutions I’ve come up with to make living with our pets in an RV a comfortable for all of us. These are a few tips for “Kitty” our black and white tuxedo cat!

  • Food Storage – This Ikea hack is the solution for both the cat and dog. By the door, I have four of these awesome Trones shoe storage units. Two for shoes, two for pet food. I’m now buying their food from Costco so that we can get it easily on the road. I fill the inside bins to the top, then put the excess in a bin in the basement of the RV. I don’t smell it, and it’s easy to access.  Smells are a big deal to me, so if you have a sensitive nose like me, I can still recommend this food storage solution! YAY


  • Food bowl – for Kitty I have to put her food out of reach of the pup Shelby. She’s a lab and will eat any food, any time! HA I have this adorable nightstand that I use for kitchen storage and for her to perch on to get her food. Then the pets share the water bowl on the floor below the fridge. It works out nicely for both of them.


  • Hidden litter box –  My solution for a hidden place for the smell and mess of the litter box is under my kitchen sink! As you will see from the photos, there is a cupboard door by the front door. This gives me easy access to clean the litter and vacuum the space every so often. Kitty was already used to using a box with a cover, so being in the covered space was an easy transition for her.   For her to get to the litter box, I simply removed the bottom drawer! It’s a small sacrifice, but totally worth it to not have the box take up valuable floor space! I’m pretty proud of myself for this solution, as I had not seen it anywhere else.

Having pets in the rig will have its challenges, but I can’t imagine living without them. I’m a total animal girl, I love em!

I’ll be sharing more with you on how I’ve made Rv’ing with our pets a wonderful experience.

Cheers!   ~ Vicki


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