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This RV life has been on my mind for many years, but for many more reasons, it didn’t seem like it would ever be possible.

Relationship problems, money problems, child problems, they all seemed insurmountable mountains in front of me. My reasons why it just would never work for me.

Thank God I was wrong (again)!

It was almost two years ago when a friend told me they were moving, I loved the little house they were renting, so I asked if they had a new renter already. They said the owners, who I also knew, we’re going to sell it!

Oh my heart soared, Lord it would be so awesome to be able to buy the little house and the property! But I was barely making ends meet, didn’t really have any credit, and I was self-employed, which lenders don’t really like. Even so, I drove by, a couple times and drooled, letting the dream settle in. Out in the country, by an apple orchard, quiet, beautiful views. Ahhhh

In the middle of the night that night, the thought hit me like a lightning bolt! I could buy the property with my Dad and get an RV!

There was a little house, a studio, a barn, and almost two acres with space for a RV to hook up!

“Country roads, take me home, to the place I belong.”



First thing in the morning I called my dad and shared the crazy idea for him to mull over. He was coming to the end of his lease and needed new living arrangements too. The timing was good, but we weren’t that close, I didn’t know what he would say.

After a day of processing, he said YES! Let’s look into it, and see if we can make it happen!

We both had lots of work to do, I started downsizing and packing, researching RV’s learning all.the.things. I had so much to learn.

We did end up getting the property, dad moved into the house, my two kids and I moved into the studio, and I worked to save up money. But getting the property was really the first thing that allowed me to make this RV life a reality. It cut my living expenses down so low that I could get my head above water again.

And emotionally it helped me feel safe. Having a home base that I could come back to gave me that feeling of security that I really needed. I have a “tether” and I like it that way.

So, my home base has full hookups and even a little deck waiting for me to return this summer. We will stay there a bit so my son can visit with his dad, then we will go explore some more!

If your thinking about RV living, could this be a way you could make it possible too?

With hugs and a high five!

~ Vicki

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