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Hello friends, just thought I’d share my first breakdown of sorts. We pulled into beautiful Palm Springs, CA a couple days ago. We have been on the road for just two weeks.

I have loved watching the scenery change from rain and snow to sprinkles on the sand and palm trees!

It was a really long drive day (8 hours), the longest one I have done towing the fifthwheel. I was exhausted and at the same time excited to get set up in this place full of palm trees! (Even though it was drizzling when we pulled in, it was still thrilling to be in a more “tropical” setting!)


Andrew and I were whizzing through the things we had to do to set up, and when I went in to finally get the slide out aaaand…. Nada…zilch…nothing. No click, no groan, no sound or movement. It was completely dead.

Now what?

1. Sit on the floor and cry from exhaustion and sadness

2. Push on it with all my will might to bend to my will

3. Investigate

I chose number three… I thought ok, no movement, must electrical because there is no sound. Maybe a blown fuse, or dead battery, or not plugged into shore power all the way.

I went around and checked those things and they all looked all just fine. =(

With no ideas left, I went and laid down. We were safe, the RV was stabilized, it was getting dark, and we can each access our beds with the slide in. I just needed some rest.

Now I get to tell you about the sunny side of the story!

While laying there I decided to get on Facebook, just wanted to do some mindless scrolling and get my mind off of the big problem in the next room. But of course my mind wouldn’t leave it alone, so I posted in a Fulltime Family West Coast group asking if anyone knew a good Mobile RV Tech near the Thousand Trails Resort in Palm Springs.

I was happily surprised, I got a different response than I expected!!

I got an invitation to a local resort chat in which this guy said I could ask in there!

I was so excited to connect with other fulltime families that were in the same place I was! I hadn’t met anyone on the road yet as it had only been two weeks. I’m all about community, and hadn’t had that in my life for a while!

So I asked in the group chat if anyone knew a tech and I had three gentlemen respond asking what the problem was, and that they were available to help!!! WHAT? OK!!! So I said I would gladly connect with them in the morning.

After a quick trip to WalMart to get fuses, (and test them again, seeing they were just fine) I messaged the guys and they came over to help me investigate!

These three guys spent four hours searching and searching for the problem. We narrowed it down to loss of power between the switch and the motor. But without breaking into the wall, didn’t see a way to find where the disconnect was.

So I called a RV tech to solve it for me.

That brings us to today. The tech is coming this afternoon. They are NOT cheap, and I’m not thrilled to have to pay, but yet thankful I do have a few hundred in the bank to be able to pay for the repair. So Thankful.

I’ll let you know how it goes this afternoon.

Aaaan I have good news! The repair tech was able to get the slide moving again! He switched up the power from a light and sent it to the slide. I will probably still need to replace the motor at some point, but it works for now.

Most of all through this I am thankful that there is this community that I am becoming a part of, that help each other! What a blessing!

If you are thinking about hitting the road, I highly suggest getting on Facebook and connecting with some groups! Fulltime Families is my favorite so far as they fit my demographic. But there are plenty to choose from!

Safe travels!

~ Vicki

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